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Trampoline Boarding






Welcome to Trampboarding.0catch.com. first off I would like to thank 0catch.com for all of itís help in my web pages. Itís a free web hosting site and if u want to make a site, thatís the place to do it. Anyway, Iíve been surfiní the web lookiní for a decent trampoline boarding site. We all know trampoline boarding online, which is a cool site and all but the links donít work and thereís no multimedia. If you ask me, multimedia is what makes the internet interesting. So I decided to make my own tramp boarding site. Iíve got instructions and videos and all kinds of stuff. Of course, Iím sure many of you are wondering just what trampoline boarding is. Well Iím not surprised. Itís pretty self explanatory, really. You make a board and take it on the trampoline. Most people do a variety of tricks. For further detail, have a look at the stuff below. Oh, and just to make it easier Iíve made a little table of contents for you. Enjoy!





1.     Getting started


2.     Your own board


3.     tricks Iíve made up


4.Your first trick


5.     Making up your own tricks


6.     Tricks I like to do


7.     videos


8.     my links






1.    Getting started




There are two kinds of trampoline boards: the kind with bindings, and the kind without. Without bindings, trampoline boarding is just like skateboarding only you bounce around on a trampoline. With bindings it is just like snowboarding. Most people prefer it without bindings because the like the ability to do flip tricks. As a dedicated snowboarder, I beg to differ. I prefer doing the advanced grabs and aerobatics. I used to use a board without bindings, though. The choice is yours. I have videos of me doing stuff with bindings and without so you can see what each is like and make your decision. Also if you donít already have a trampoline you want to stop by the store and pick up a good 14 foot wide tramp. If you donít want to invest the money, ask for one for Christmas.





2.    Your own board



†††††††††††† After you have decided what kind of tramp boarder you want to be, itís time to make your board. Since trampoline boarding is such a new and unpopular sport, I donít think that there are many, if any, board manufacturers. This is fine, though, because making your own board is fun and easy. First you are going to have to find an old skateboard that nobody wants. If you have one, great. If you donít, thatís fine. Just go to the nearest second hand store (good will, value village, etc.) to find a skateboard. If you really want a new one, thatís okay but it will save lots of money to get one used. Chances are the second hand store wont have a board so try looking around garage sales for an even cheaper one. Once you have your board the first thing you have to do is unscrew the trucks (axels). If you want to have a board without bindings, then thatís all you have to do. Just take off the trucks and youíre ready to go. Of course, you want to be sure you have a trampoline. If you want to have bindings like me then the next step isto find a length of extremely strong and durable material (about 1 inch wide and 2+ feet long). I thought a tough leather belt would work, but it snapped in half on the first day. Remember, these straps will be put under a huge amount of stress. Next measure the proper amount of material to fit over one foot. You want plenty of extra. Place your foot on the board just like it will be when youíre riding. Cut the material so about two inches of it is on the board on each side of your foot when itís pulled tight over your shoe. Do the same for your other foot. Now you want to drill a ľĒ hole right through the whole board and the material. Do this two times on each side of each foot. Screw a bolt into each hole (there should be eight- two on each side of each foot). Be sure that the bolts are going up out of the bottom, through the board, and through the material. Put a washer over the end and screw on a nut as tight as you can. There should be two bolts on each side of your feet holding in the straps. Now I understand that this probably doesnít make sense, so let me put it simpler: BOLT A STRAP OVER EACH SHOE. Use four bolts on each strap. There. Youíre done. Now you can test it out. Your feet will probably come out, so tie your shoelaces to the straps.





3.    Tricks Iíve made up




1. back flop to 270 degree back flip- a fun one where you have the board in youíre hands and†† you bounce on youíre back then do a sort of half back flip on to your feet. While youíre rotating†† backwards bring the board to your feet and land on it. To make it more fun do a method, indy, kickflip, fingerflip, or shove it before you land.


2. old school flip- where you put one foot on the tail of the board and one under the board and then jump up and fling the board around. Itís a cheap way to do like double 360 flips.


3. cottage cheese- I donít think I actually made this up but you need bindings for it. Itís a front flip 180 with a method.


Thereís probably a couple more but I canít think of them right now





4.    Your first trick





†††††††† If you have bindings hereís what I recommend to do the FIRST TIME you trampoline board. Start by bouncing about waist high. Now bring your knees way up high and with your back hand reachdown and grab the toe edge between your bindings. Ta daaa! Youíve done an indy. Quite easy. Now if you donít have bindings itís going to be a lot harder to get the hang of it. Letís start with a 180 shove it. First you have to learn to ollie nice and high. To do this jump up off your board and when you come down smack the tail with your back foot so the front comes up in the air. Now slide the side of your front foot up the board to bring the tail up in the air too. All this should take place in about a quarter of a second. Now with the momentum the tramp gives you just glide up in the air and tuck in your knees. Keep the board level and as you come down stomp the landing. Itís very easy and looks quite dumb, but is essential to doing other stuff. Just like in skateboarding. Now that youíve got that down itís time to try our first trick. Be sure your wearing real skate shoes, or at least shoes without much traction or youíll rip your trampoline. So now ollie up like normal only at the peak of your ollie lift your toe and give the heel edge of the board a firm tap. It will start spinning. As soon as you see the grip tape bring your feet down and stomp it. Hey! Youíve just done a kickflip! It takes practice.





5.    Making up your own tricks




††††††† This section is mainly for strapped in boarders because most flip tricks have already been made up. To make up a really cool lookin trick you should first learn to do front flips and decent 360ís and such. Now how I do it is pretty simple. I jump medium-high then throw myself into the air, grab the board and spin/flip. If it seems cool, I figure out a way to land it. It usually takes a day or two to master it, but itís fun. Thatís how I made up Cottage cheese.





†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 6. Tricks I like to do




†††††††††††††††† ††††††††††Here are my favorite tricks to do:

1.     frontside 360 method

2.     neat lookin180

3.     back flop to 270 back flip with a method to fingerflip

4.     Cottage Cheese

5.     front flip

6.     frontside180 roast beef

7.     backside 360 nuclear

8.     180 fontflip





  1. Videos





    1. back flop to 270 degree back flip to finger flip Ė backflop.wmv
    2. 180 shove it, 180 flip, mistake (lol) Ėkickflipsandsuch.wmv
    3. lame 180 to lame indy (lame) Ė easy.wmv
    4. back flop to 270 degree back flip, double kickflip Ė stuff.wmv
    5. 180 flip, 270 flip Ė flips.wmv
    6. 540 flip Ė 540flip.wmv
    7. cottage cheese (with bindings) cottagecheese.wmv

more to come soon!!





  1. My links





These are links to my other websites.



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http://tmbboarders.0catch.com Ė a site about my snowboarding team



http://michaeldoinarodeo.0catch.com Ė a video of me doing a rodeo on my trampoline


http://superhedgehog.0catch.com Ė a really really really lame site. My first one ever. None of the†† pictures work, and the email is outdated. DO NOT GO THERE ITíS AWFUL





please note that I am not responsible for any injuries related or pertaining to any information or media on this site. The activity stated is a potentially dangerous sport and is not to be attempted by anyone who is not responsilble or in good health.